FAQs – We Buy Land!

Q: Why do you want to buy my land?

A: Land, like homes, is a type of investment. We purchase land, invest in it in various ways, and then sell it. It can be a time consuming process for us to sell, but for you it is a quick and easy way to put cash in your pocket.


Q: I owe taxes on the property. Will that affect your offer?

A: We take back taxes into account when making an offer. You do not need to worry about paying them off before we close, we’ll take care of all of that hard work for you!


Q: There are no utilities on my property, so why would you want it?

A: Believe it or not, there is a market for people who want to be off the grid. We want to be able to offer a variety of properties to our customers to ensure they get what they are looking for.


Q: My property is land-locked by other properties. Should I still fill out your “We Buy Land” form?

A: Yes! Please mention this in the box toward the end of the form where you can add comments about the property.


Q: Am I guaranteed that Criterion Assets will buy my land?

A: No; we are always trying to build our portfolio, but there are opportunities we pass on because they do not meet our criteria. However, please fill out our form – you could have the property we have been looking for!